Coaching and Mentoring

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when they are supported by effective coaching. This is true for individuals who want to be successful in their field and for teams and groups on a learning journey to help them maintain momentum and focus.

We work with both new and experienced leaders, equipping them with tools and techniques to become dynamic coaches, and the behavioural insights to know when and how to use these tools effectively. The result is a sustainable approach to development long lasting results.

Through our one-to-one coaching, we engage in a more personal and focused way to help individuals navigate their own development journey and to grow as leaders and as people. Many of the people we coach have been with us throughout their careers and we have a trusted business partnership that is unique for every situation.

And now for something completely different:
We believe that the most effective learning happens when participants can immerse themselves in something relevant yet completely different and new, especially when it comes to leadership skills and team building. We have used our musical backgrounds and connections to create “The Conductor Within” for leadership teams and “The Company Choir” for team building.

The Conductor Within is a safe, enjoyable and very informative exploration of the parallels between the role of a business leader and a conductor of music.

We use live performance to demonstrate the immediate impact on results of good and bad leadership and how to recognise avoid some of the most common pitfalls. Participants have the chance to try their hand at conducting and feel the power of the baton and the disastrous effects when it is used badly! They learn how to swiftly correct their mistakes and deal with the varied needs of the players/team.

It is a unique session that is tailored to the company and the audience. It is perfect for senior leadership teams, large company meetings and conferences

“The Company Choir” is a fun and engaging way to explore how people best work together. We work with your teams, who have often never made music before and help them find their voice. We use fun vocal techniques and beat boxing to break down barriers and build confidence. We help them feel and experience the amazing results that can be achieved when people listen, feed forward, collaborate, take ownership of their own success and follow the direction of leader whilst delighting the customer/audience.
The success we have had with this style of training in helping cross-functional teams work together has been phenomenal. The laughter is engaging and the lessons last long after the training itself. 

  • All Vocalee programmes are deliverable virtually or face-to-face and are bespoke and tailored to your exact needs
  • We use Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, or whatever virtual medium suits your company requirements