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Effective Selling and Account Planning

The skill and the art of helping your customers buy from you

Presenting with Impact

Memorable messages delivered with confidence

Coaching and Mentoring

How to be your best and how to get the best from your team: one-to-one and one-to-many, to you and through you

Leadership and Teamwork

Creating, communicating and achieving your company goals

Building Customer Loyalty

Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer

What Can We Offer You?

Vocalee Ltd training courses, designed to bridge the gap between knowing and having the skills, motivation and support to do.


I engaged with Vocalee to work with some new promotes in my company to celebrate their promotions. After just 2 secret rehearsals with the group in our offices, the "promotion choir" performed in front of 125 of their colleagues at our summer community event. The impact on the choir members was extremely positive, after initial nerves vanished, they all were thrilled with the audience's response. The impact on the audience was also amazing - they clapped along and were rapturous in their applause at the end.
As an engaging, team building experience this was one of the best things my team has ever done - people are still talking about it today! Coming together as a collective and performing live in front of an audience of peers was a really joyful and special thing to do. Thanks to Susan and her colleagues at Vocalee for helping us developing our "voices". 

Samantha Clark

HR Director, Accenture UK

I am forever thankful for the excellent influence you have been on me. You and Andrew were the inspiration that I needed to be a leader and confide ideas in. It was much more than the content and lessons that you shared, it was the energy and the emotional intelligence that we were able to insert into the culture. Working with you will forever be one of the best experiences that I enjoyed in my career.

Regional Director North America

Major global software company

Thanks to both you and Andrew for your enthusiasm and valuable training and insight. We greatly appreciate your feedback and will certainly roll in your suggestions to our plans for making Professional Selling part of our sales culture.

Gary Pritchard

Regional Business Manager, Harvard Apparatus US

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